Book review: Raspberry Pi User Guide

Exif_JPEG_PICTUREAnother clearly-written and informative Raspberry Pi book – the other one I used recently is Raspberry Pi for Dummies.

This one, which was published first, is co-written by the Raspberry Pi Foundation’s very own Eben Upton.

Again it is suitable for complete beginners, and it covers similar ground: how to get started, web browsing, playing music and videos, writing simple programmes, attaching circuits that do real stuff – including example circuits, and lots more.

I would say that this book has more about how to use and configure the Pi through its terminal window, and as such is a better grounding for those who want to get at the nuts and bolts of the machine.

For example: it tells you how to make the Pi adopt a certain screen resolution if your screen is not auto-recognised, how to re-partition the ram, and it has more about the signals and interfaces available to external hardware.

The Dummies book has more on writing games, and a step-by-step example of hand making gamer-friendly external interface hardware for another game.

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