EMC eye candy

EEVblog 202 on YouTubeAn interesting  video blog was bought to my attention.

EEVblog #202 is a trip around the largest EMC facility in the Southern hemisphere.

And, having spent a small part of my life inside an RF test chamber with an expert, it made me once more admire the wizards who really understand this stuff – for RF fault-finding is surely the stuff of magic.

David Jones runs the blog, knows his stuff, and covers a huge range of subjects.

His excitable style might take a little getting used to…


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  1. steve bush
    April 08, 2014 16:21

    And Mr K, for you to be impressed with an EMC chamber it must be good.
    Ours used to be plain inside, no spikes at all :-( and it was pretty small – just me, the guy who knew what he was talking about, and the LISNs :-)
    However, I did get to stand in the big one at the National Physical Laboratory – that was impressive. I think it was the one in the photo on this page: http://www.npl.co.uk/electromagnetics/rf-microwave/products-and-services/emc-antennas.

  2. Steve Kurt
    April 07, 2014 20:55

    I love the part where they open the big door! Good heavens!
    I’ve been in a few EMC chambers, but have never seen any foam spikes that long either. Very impressive! Seems like the chamber ought to be used in a sci-fi movie or something. :)

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