An Engineer in Wonderland – Neat tiny scope

Sometimes it is hard to get control of that I want, I want, I want feeling.

And I had such a struggle when the CEO of drum-less drum kit company MidiSticks pointed me at this gorgeous miniature digital scope – for about £50.


OK, it is limited to 1MHz and only has a single channel, but what a great piece of kit for fault-finding car alternators and simple audio problems.

And it stores waveforms on a microSD card.


There is a review at JustBlair

It turns out that Seeed Studio also sells an even cheaper scope, this time with 5Msample/s scope2.jpg

which also comes in kit form and kit form with the SMD parts already soldered

This scope comes from Jye Tech 

And there is a rather nice tribute to its designer in the Seeed website.

“People talked about an oscilloscope for DIYers , that’s how we know about JYE tech. Mr. Liu is an admirable experienced engineer, being the first generation of university EE student after culture revolution. His seriousness on documents and every detail amazed me.”

Thanks Mr Liu.


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