Zeta: Yet another dc-dc topology

Zeta dc-dc from TICall me slow, but I only just discovered the zeta dc-dc power converter topology.

It is a bit like sepic and Cuk, in that the output can be higher or lower than the input.

And that there are two inductors and a series capacitor.

And it is a bit like sepic in that the output polarity is the same as the input polarity. (Cuk swaps polarity).

And, it is also called inverse-sepic.

Pick your favourite chip company

Texas Instruments has a nice description of zeta in this application note.

Linear Tech also offers zeta chapter and verse.

As does Microchip, and in this one is how to implement a battery charger with the topology on a microcontroller.

Analog Devices has one too.

It says if sepic is considered a modified boost converter, then zeta is a modified buck converter.

Zeta has low output ripple and high input ripple (opposite to sepic. Cuk has both low).

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