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Lateral thinker cuts artificial leg cost

Dr Viquar Qurashi is a British Pakistani working in the West Midlands.

He is a pretty amazing bloke – spurred on by a natural disaster in Pakistan, he adapted an already clever low-cost artificial leg design to make it applicable to even poorer people.

The brilliant bit is that his…

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An Engineer in Fairyland – Targets for MPs

And while I am shouting at MPs on the radio,

If MPs and ministers are so keen on targets for the NHS, teachers and other public servants…

… why are they not imposing targets on themselves?

After all, to impose targets on others, they must be convinced that targets work…

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An Engineer in Fairyland – MPs and schools

I heard a lot of drivel on the radio the other day where MPs had loads of brilliant reasons for sending their kids to private school.

One brilliant reason was that a parent should always do the best for their children.

Well yes, obviously…

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White space radio conundrum

White space radio – quietly using spectrum that is licensed to someone else while they are not using it – on the old UHF TV bands involves consulting a live database before transmitting.

But who is going to maintain the database.

If I was a TV company, I would not trouble myself…

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You can help small kids learn to programme

Some of us folk got to meet Linda Sandvik and Clare Sutcliffe, the two amazing women behind a plan to teach programming to primary school kids.

Called Code Club, the idea is to have once-a-week after-school programming clubs for 9-11 year-olds in as many schools…

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´╗┐Long flumes and sad ends

Log flumes were long chutes used to transport rough-sawn wood from where trees were cut to a sawmill, and were used extensively in California in the late 1800s to get logs out of the Sierra Nevada mountains.

The boards slid on water flowing in the V-profile chute.


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Brave computer nearly made it

I have tried to find a small useful ARM-based netbook, and largely failed.

One of my bright ideas was to get a Toshiba AC100, which was a brave attempt at a smartbook – as ARM netbooks were supposed to be called – let down because Toshiba almost immediately stopped supporting it…

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Li-ion chargers, searching for a good one

I have a pair of rechargeable CR123 lithium ion cells for my rather fine Zebralight head torch. An older version of this.

If you want a wide even beam head torch with no appreciable ‘hot spot’, this is a good one – great for seeing around inside a building or tent…

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LED car headlights – a subtle problem

Slightly more finesse may be required from car manufacturers when they incorporate headlights with LED main beams.

In these dark winter days, the friendly driver’s thank-you wave becomes the friendly thank-you main beam flash.

I expect most car drivers do it…

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A computer for lonely old people?

On the radio this morning, I heard that there are a couple of hundred thousand lonely old people in the UK who would be less lonely of only they could use email and get on the web. And that services are increasingly going to be web-based.

I am not…

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