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Two good things make coffee cake

I present my attempt to parameterise coffee cake, which I view as a way of making two enjoyable things worse. Having drawn the graph, I feel that it is more like a graph for chocolate cake, and with coffee cake, the slope of the left hand end could do with…

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Book Review – 3D Displays

Part of the Wiley/SID range of display technology books, this is a technical introduction to a wide range of 3D display types – all the way up to holographic displays. I say technical, because it has there are plenty of pixel circuit diagrams for LCDs, geometric diagrams to show how…

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An Engineer in Wonderland – Look what Santa* brought me

Some nice people at Cree (*ok, not Santa) spotted my non-too-successful attempt to make a useful +/-4° LED headlight recently and took pity on me.

Apparently the guys in the lab had a hunt around, and the result was that a box of bits dropped onto the Electronics…

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An Engineer in Wonderland – Alice invents a binary joke

Electronics Weekly all-round good egg and webmaster Alun Williams started the world’s largest collection of binary jokes elsewhere on the Electroramblings blog, and having scanned the world, we know there are three (update oct13, there seem to be more, Alun has been busy…

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An Engineer in Wonderland – Nature isn’t always elegant

Last year, I bought two venus fly traps, one for a friend and one for me. We fell to discussing how this insect eating plant avoids eating the insects that it relies on for pollination.  We speculated that the traps would close up during the ‘mating’ season. We speculated that…

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And now the pcb

Initial debugging complete, I knocked up a pcb for the bistable light switch in the kitchen.

I used CadSoft’s wonderful free Eagle layout editor to design the board.

- and I feel the need to apologise to CadSoft right now if I have broken the free licence by writing about…

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Hysteresis mystery solved, probably

I think I have got to the bottom of the 74HC74 hysteresis mystery.

The one that meant my LED-controlling bistable switch was not switching properly.

It looks very much like some brands of 74HC74 have hysteresis on the clock, and others do not.

I found an old RCA part…

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Two leds for one

That push button bistable I have still yet to get going is part of an attempt to replace an led in an existing lamp with a choice of two.

I thought I would reveal the rest of my circuit for scrutiny.

The idea is that the whole circuit connects directly…

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