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Book Review – 3D Displays

Part of the Wiley/SID range of display technology books, this is a technical introduction to a wide range of 3D display types – all the way up to holographic displays. I say technical, because it has there are plenty of pixel circuit diagrams for LCDs, geometric diagrams to show how…

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And now the pcb

Initial debugging complete, I knocked up a pcb for the bistable light switch in the kitchen.

I used CadSoft’s wonderful free Eagle layout editor to design the board.

– and I feel the need to apologise to CadSoft right now if I have broken the free licence by writing about…

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Hysteresis mystery solved, probably

I think I have got to the bottom of the 74HC74 hysteresis mystery.

The one that meant my LED-controlling bistable switch was not switching properly.

It looks very much like some brands of 74HC74 have hysteresis on the clock, and others do not.

I found an old RCA part…

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Two leds for one

That push button bistable I have still yet to get going is part of an attempt to replace an led in an existing lamp with a choice of two.

I thought I would reveal the rest of my circuit for scrutiny.

The idea is that the whole circuit connects directly…

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