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An Engineer in Wonderland – Arduino and brake lights

Arduino┬áis intriguing. It is a simple cheap development system, including microcontroller hardware, for developing processor-based control systems. I have never used such a thing, for my imagination ends at BASIC and assembler coding, but it looks likes with Arduino you could string a programme together pretty quickly without…

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An Engineer in Wonderland – Led Christmas lights

See all ‘Engineer In Wonderland’ posts I was rigging up some Christmas lights and in a fit of enthusiasm thought that flashing would be good. So I drew out a multivibrator, then wondered what other two transistor circuits would also flash some lights. Mr Google delivered this rather good site…

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An Engineer in Wonderland: What do volt.seconds look like?

Coulombs I can do. They quantify charge and are proportional to the number of electrons shifted, and not too difficult to visualise as electrons are real little round things. In a circuit they are being pushed up a gradient against their natural tendency to stay still, if you get my…

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