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Book Review – 3D Displays

Part of the Wiley/SID range of display technology books, this is a technical introduction to a wide range of 3D display types – all the way up to holographic displays. I say technical, because it has there are plenty of pixel circuit diagrams for LCDs, geometric diagrams to show how…

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An Engineer in Wonderland – Look what Santa* brought me

Some nice people at Cree (*ok, not Santa) spotted my non-too-successful attempt to make a usefulĀ +/-4Ā° LED headlight recently and took pity on me.

Apparently the guys in the lab had a hunt around, and the result was that a box of bits dropped onto the Electronics…

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An Engineer in Wonderland – Alice invents a binary joke

Electronics Weekly all-round good egg and webmaster Alun Williams started the world’s largest collection of binary jokes elsewhere on the Electroramblings blog, and having scanned the world, we know there are three (update oct13, there seem to be more, Alun has been busy…

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An Engineer in Wonderland – Tin opener obsession?

Always nice to see a thoughtful piece of design, wherever you find it. I came across another neat tin-opener this weekend – the first was the classic P-38. This one seems to be designed with safety in mind as it cuts through the thick part of the rim and…

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An Engineer in Wonderland – Train pick-ups and snow

Got stuck on a train in the snow a week or so ago The driver was great. He told us exactly what the problem was, and exactly what he was going to do about it, and then he did it. The problem was that the live rail was icy and…

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