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Non-contact dynamo possible?

Without a ring of magnets, that is.

Over at investment site Kickstarter is an intriguing non-contact bicycle dynamo looking for funding.

Called Magnic Light, it looks like it is working from induction with the moving aluminium wheel rim.

My induction knowledge is not really good enough,

although I could…

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An Engineer in Wonderland – Look what Santa* brought me

Some nice people at Cree (*ok, not Santa) spotted my non-too-successful attempt to make a usefulĀ +/-4Ā° LED headlight recently and took pity on me.

Apparently the guys in the lab had a hunt around, and the result was that a box of bits dropped onto the Electronics…

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An Engineer in Wonderland – Alice invents a binary joke

Electronics Weekly all-round good egg and webmaster Alun Williams started the world’s largest collection of binary jokes elsewhere on the Electroramblings blog, and having scanned the world, we know there are three (update oct13, there seem to be more, Alun has been busy…

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An Engineer in Wonderland – Thinking microfluidics

The University of Michigan has a rather nice video of its lab-on-a-chip in operation. The remarkable thing about this hydraulic circuit is that it generates is own control signals, there are no external signal inputs – so it is less a collection of tubes and more a self…

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An Engineer in Wonderland – Tin opener obsession?

Always nice to see a thoughtful piece of design, wherever you find it. I came across another neat tin-opener this weekend – the first was the classic P-38. This one seems to be designed with safety in mind as it cuts through the thick part of the rim and…

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An Engineer in Wonderland – Jewel of an engine

Sent in by a reader, there is a marvelous internal combustion engine to be seen over on TechEBlog. Claimed to be the smallest in-line four yet, it sounds delightful. ‘Alice’ Respond below, or to…

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An Engineer in Wonderland – That bridge again

I actually went and visited by Isambard Kingdom Brunel’s Royal Albert Bridge, mentioned in another blog, that carries the main railway between Devon and Cornwall. Even to an untrained eye like mine, the mechanics look fairly straight forward, except for the diagonal beams from the chains to the main…

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An Engineer in Wonderland – High visibility pedestrian railings

Every time I see these things I am impressed with the elegance of the idea. Some clever soul thought of off-setting the vertical infill bars in the pedestrian guard railings near crossings in such a way that kids were visible through the railings before they ran out across the…

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An Engineer in Wonderland – Mystery boxes

I found this, and things like this, in Scotland. Each time, they were in pairs, one on either side of a path in the mountains. My guess is that they detect the passage of people along the path, possibly by microwave. But the answer could be much simpler. Does anyone…

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