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Cheap cable for iPhone breaks

Just after learning a bit about Apple’s Lightning connector, a colleague mentioned that her iPhone cable had broken – the photo to the right was how it was sold, with the gunge removed.

To be fair to all here, she also pointed out that it is a cheapy and not…

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Better iPhone 4 sound the passive way

Our resident wordsmith discovered a rather neat way to make an iPhone 4 (or iPhone 4S) sound better.

Cut a longitudinal slot in the side of a loo roll holder in which the iPhone will just stand.

Call the slot side the top, and push four map pins into the…

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Apple Lightning plugs have a chip inside

I was surprised to hear that Apple’s Lightning connector has a chip inside.

It is a nice neat small connector that handles power and wired data to iPhone 5s.

Although why the micro-USB connector, that is good enough for the rest of industry, did not suit Apple is…

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An Engineer in Wonderland – Revealing touchscreen review

Take a look the capacitive touch screen test on the website of development firm Moto. iPhone comes out particularly well – its precision looks as good as a resistive touch screen. Motorola’s Droid does not fair so well. And there are plenty of examples in between. All the touch screens…

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