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LED Lighting

The latest Electronics Weekly product news on LED lighting (light-emitting diodes – a semiconductor light source).

US firm patents flexible organic thin-film for smartphone displays


A US-based thin-film technology developer says it has been granted a US patent for technology invented by Ashok Chaudhari and based on the work of the late Dr. Praveen Chaudhari, winner of the 1995 US Medal of Technology. The company Solar-Tectic LLC has developed the hybrid organic/inorganic thin-film which can be grown on inexpensive substrates, such as flexible and ordinary ...

Predictions 2016: Cool LED lighting

Cambridge Nanotherm Haverhill.
John Cafferkey Marketing manager
Picture Mark Westley

LED lighting is one of the fastest growing markets for electronic components of all shapes and sizes. John Cafferkey, marketing manager, Cambridge Nanotherm, predicts new applications such as lightbulbs which could be wireless hotspots and highlights the importance of thermal management in LED design. What are your predictions for the general LED market in 2016?   The view we’re getting ...

LEDs light US icons

Musco Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty and the four giant faces of Mount Rushmore are illuminated by LEDs, thanks to Iowa-based Musco Lighting, the same company behind LED floodlights at Twickenham stadium, the home of rugby. Musco got involved with the Statue of Liberty late in 2012 following Hurricane Sandy when it installed a temporary LED lighting system to keep the statue lit. Now it ...

UK gets a new LED lighting company


MHA Lighting, the North West UK-based LED lighting specialist has been acquired by the owner managed entrepreneurial company Investx. The new company, to  be known as Waveguide Lighting, will to develop and provide specialist luminaires using patented waveguide technology. By directing the light sideways into a solid, cast acrylic rod, the design is claimed to deliver effective lumen output, efficacy, improved ...

12mm² LED for office projectors

Osram Ostar Power Projection

Osram has shrunk its projector LED while increasing output power. Ostar Projection Power has 12 mm² of emissive surface and is intended for mainstream projectors rated at >2,500 lm. “This light source is the successor to the P3W,” said the firm. As a monochrome LED it is available in red, converted green and blue. One red, one green and one blue ...

Osram turns to quantum ‘phosphor’ for TV backlight LED

Osram quantum colour

Osram is using quantum wavelength converters in a white LED for TV display backlighting. “For many years manufacturers of televisions have been demanding an ever-broader colour space and the TV standard is once again moving to a larger colour triangle with Ultra HD,” said the firm. “To get a wide colour space, well-separated red green and blue emissions are required colour ...

Escatec tiny lens makes LED lights shine brighter


Escatec has designed a miniaturised TIR (total internal reflection) lens for mounting on high brightness LEDs. The TIR lens is mounted directly onto the bare LED and secured in place using clear glue with no air gap for optimal optical coupling. The aim is to ensure that the light is transferred from the LED to the TIR lens with minimal ...

LuxLive: UK LED builds UK lighting factory

UK LED Lux Live

Luminaire maker UK LED is building a UK factory, re-shoring work that might have gone to its Chinese facility. The firm is both a maker of LED lighting and a service-provider – it replaces existing lighting with LED lighting for business, industry and local government customers in the UK. Products include a recently-developed street lamp (see photo) using Bridgelux CoBs ...

LuxLive: Lumileds purple LED spotted

Lumileds purple Lux Live

Lumileds revealed a purple LED at LuxLive in London yesterday. Part of its Luxeon C Colors range, the firm has added a red phosphor to a blue die to produce the lamp, which is intended for plant growing – where green light is wasted in reflection. The colour can be seen on the far right of the photo, and in ...