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LED flasher actually flashes

Maybe I shouldn’t be surprised, the led flasher modelled in LTspice works, just about as intended – nice crisp flashes at about the right rate.

Seeing as everything is relying on Vbes and Vfs, the timings of the real thing are pretty similar to the model – the scope trace is…

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LED flasher 3 (6!)

Much like kids get addicted to video games, I find time dilating as I mess around with ideas for a ‘simple’ LED flasher using Linear Tech’s free version of spice – LTspice – as recommended by Steve Kurt.

Note: here is a breadboard version.

And now I have led flasher version…

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Getting to sleep at night despite technology

A wise friend of mine once pointed out that drinking too much coffee doesn’t necessarily stop you going to sleep.

What it can do, is stop you getting back to sleep if you wake up for some reason in the early morning – to have a pee for example.


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LED car headlights – a subtle problem

Slightly more finesse may be required from car manufacturers when they incorporate headlights with LED main beams.

In these dark winter days, the friendly driver’s thank-you wave becomes the friendly thank-you main beam flash.

I expect most car drivers do it…

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An Engineer in Wonderland – 15,000 lm torch

LED torch maker 4sevens has demonstrated the production version of its 15,000 lm XM18 torch – or flashlight as the company would say.

Take a look at this video over at Geeky Gadgets


Should you feel the need, respond to with ‘Torch’ in the title.


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An Engineer in Wonderland – Missing the point of LED streetlights

It seems like streetlight buyers are sacrificing efficiency by specifying white LEDs with high colour rendering index (CRI) – scroll way down to ‘CRI: an obsession’ Which is odd, because one of the reasons for moving to LEDs is to increase efficiency, and streetlights are pretty efficient already, so you have…

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