Tech news tagged ‘Linux’

Ubuntu Linux gets slow

In the interest of security, to remove undetected malware, once in a while I completely re-load Ubuntu onto my home computer.

I have been using version 12.04 which has been very good for office-like activities, although I have never managed to play a movie DVD on it…

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Brave computer nearly made it

I have tried to find a small useful ARM-based netbook, and largely failed.

One of my bright ideas was to get a Toshiba AC100, which was a brave attempt at a smartbook – as ARM netbooks were supposed to be called – let down because Toshiba almost immediately stopped supporting it…

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There was nothing wrong with Linux Mint after all

As a confirmed Ubuntu user at home, and an anything-for-quite-life soul, I am generally loathe to mess with new operating systems.

However, a friend of mine suggested Linux Mint as a option for any slower x86 computer I happened to have lying around.

Mint comes in several…

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Gnome 2.x will be sadly missed

I am a late-comer to Linux, entering the open-source world by installing Ubuntu 8.x on my home computer after I somehow managed to plant a trojan in Windows.

One of the first things that I admired was the lovely clean desktop, with just two drop-down menus…

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