The latest Android news, developments, comments and apps involving Google's embedded mobile platform that now features in smartphones, tablets, set-top boxes, cameras, watches and some other rather unexpected places.

Written by Alun Williams, it covers the full Android range, from automotive news and Bluetooth Smart to video and wearable technology, via Intel, mobile payments, NFC, Samsung and Sony. Additionally, we have in-depth guides to Android Advertising ID, BlueDroid, Bluetooth GATT Services, Security Enhanced Android, the Android Sensor Manager, Eclipse, and Android Native Development.

It has a particular focus on development and the electronics industry, covering such areas as development boards and detailed electronics components, such as processors, wireless modules, sensor modules, touchscreens and SOCs.


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Google ads herald Android "L" and new Nexus devices

Google ads herald Android "L" and new Nexus devices

It’s no surprise that a big Google announcement is imminent, regarding Android “L” and new Nexus devices. There’s even less suspense with new Google “Be together. Not the same” ads, seemingly preparing the ground for new Android (Google) devices…

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Google, and the disappearing case of open source Android

Google, and the disappearing case of open source Android

How open source is Android?

That’s an old chestnut, and the brief answer could be that the Android Open Source Project is very open source. However, the versions of Android promoted by Google – that are actually on your phone – are increasingly less so, as Google maintains its grip on…

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