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Android Applications in Focus

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Android Applications in Focus #14 - Google Camera

Cameras have always been an important element of smartphones, but maybe Google felt it was time to raise the bar in terms of the Android control available, with a new Google Camera app.

There’s support for 360º views, lens blur, a panorama mode with high resolution, and Google says…

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Android Applications in Focus #12 - Rohde & Schwarz Power Viewer Mobile

One from earlier this month – Rohde & Schwarz have released a Power Viewer Mobile app for Android, letting you use the company’s NRP-Z family of USB SMART power sensors with your Android smartphone or tablet. Multi-path diode and wideband power sensors are also supported.

Functionality includes: Continuous…

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Android Applications in Focus #11 - CPU-Z system monitoring

You might have come across CPU-Z in the past to help get insight on the innards of your PC, and now a version has arrived for Android, letting you view the architecture of your smartphone. For example, the you can view details of each core in your multi-core…

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Android Applications in Focus #10 - Google Drive for Android

Let’s file this one under our Android Applications in Focus series – Google has updated its Google Drive cloud storage system, in app form, for Android.

Bascially Google Drive lets you store all your files in one place (on Google servers), so you can access them online from anywhere with…

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Android Applications in Focus #9 - BBC Sport

Another weekend of sport is coming up… (no yawning, at the back)… so what better time for the BBC’s new Android offering to feature in our Android Applications in Focus series? The BBC Sport app is now available for Android 2.2 and above.

On the BBC’s Internet…

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Android Applications in Focus #8 - Google Keep

Google has announced a new app for keeping track of what’s on your mind and filing your ideas – Post-It notes in Android form, as it were. The idea is to quickly jot down thoughts including the likes of checklists and photos, in a colour co-ordinated way. Google…

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