Android Applications in Focus #7 – Dr Power views battery efficient apps

dr-power.jpgMeant to highlight this one before, which came to my attention off the back of London Droidcon recently.

Check out Dr. Power, which is aimed at Android developers and is a free analysis utility designed to help them build better battery efficient apps…

The company behind it is tawkon, and they write:


This tool allows developers to not only see how their application is CPU optimized, but also see factors such as usage of various sensors in the phone, as well as data usage. These and other elements play as much of a role in the battery usage as the CPU.

Dr. Power allows developers to see a breakdown of each component within the app, in percentages and absolute numbers (mA). Components such as: GPS, Proximity, Orientation, Gyro sensors , wake lock time and many others. This allows developers to easily track their app’s battery usage over time.

The software breaks down battery power usage by:

  1. Processes – Breakdown of User, System and Foreground time
  2. Battery usage caused by processing during Wakelock – Breakdown of User, System and Foreground time
  3. Sensors (GPS, Proximity, Orientation, Gyro, etc.) – Breakdown of operating time
  4. Data Usage – Breakdown of data received and sent

“When the end user of an application notices battery drainage, the developer will be able to use Dr. Power to mimic the specific situation that was causing the drainage, as well as the type of phone used. In this way, developers can use feedback to continuously make their applications more battery efficient, in all scenarios and on all devices.”

It’s current Average Rating is 4.9 on Google Play.

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