Android Coding News

Android Coding Topic: Supporting OAuth identity authorisation

Time for another in our series of coding topics, this time touching on the issue of sign-ins. Everyone working online must be suffering from login/password overload and OAuth is an open standard for authorisation that is attempting to address this. Here is an interesting article from Google about…

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Android Coding Topic: Creating single-pane and multi-pane layouts

In a timely manner – in the wake of the Android 4.0 release – the latest in our series of Android Coding Topics considers how best developers should support big and small screens and not make too many Honeycomb (Android 3.0)-based assumptions…Scott Main, lead tech writer for developer…

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Android Coding Topic: Adding gesture search to your android apps

The new series we have started, Android Case Studies, has proved quite popular, which is nice to see. It has started with a few posts on app development in general but there are other topics in the pipeline, it won’t always be about development… However, I think another useful…

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