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Android Coding Topic: Supporting OAuth identity authorisation

Time for another in our series of coding topics, this time touching on the issue of sign-ins. Everyone working online must be suffering from login/password overload and OAuth is an open standard for authorisation that is attempting to address this. Here is an interesting article from Google about…

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Android Coding Topic: Creating single-pane and multi-pane layouts

In a timely manner – in the wake of the Android 4.0 release – the latest in our series of Android Coding Topics considers how best developers should support big and small screens and not make too many Honeycomb (Android 3.0)-based assumptions…Scott Main, lead tech writer for developer…

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Android Coding Topic: Robot mobility for your smartphone

For the latest in our series of Android Coding Topics we venture into Cellbot territory. Think LEGO MINDSTORMS… Specifically, the Offical Google Code Blog goes into CellBots for Android, App Inventor for Android, and Cellbots Python library. The post Android stretches its legs… errr wheels… with help from 20% time…

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Android Coding Topic: The Accessibility API

Welcome to another in the new series of Eyes on Android posts that will highlight particular coding topics for programming for the mobile platform. This second one is written by Eduard Sánchez of Code Factory and covers the built-in Android Accessibility API. He begins…

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Android Coding Topic: Adding gesture search to your android apps

The new series we have started, Android Case Studies, has proved quite popular, which is nice to see. It has started with a few posts on app development in general but there are other topics in the pipeline, it won’t always be about development… However, I think another useful…

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