Android Wear not Google Glass

Google Glass headset

Google Glass headset

Worth five minutes of your time, there’s an interesting look on CNet at how Google’s Android Wear should be considered distinct from Google Glass.

If you welcome Android Wear but feel queasy about Google Glass, this will be up your street.

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Scott Stein writes covers some of the wearable terrain.

He writes:

The funny thing is, the rest of Android Wear’s UI and design principles are an awful lot like the beginnings of Google Glass. The notifications stack, the desire to offer a clear, simple, uncluttered type of notification…this is what Google Glass Mirror API emphasized during last year’s Google I/O.

“Contextually aware and smart,” “glanceable,” “zero/low interaction,” “helpful.” The basic card-like stack of notifications, the way you talk to your Android Wear device to do something, even the optional pull-down touch menu of other actions to take, all feel a lot like what you can do with Glass.

That might mean that Android Wear flexes out in the future, to more in-depth types of apps and interaction-heavy use cases. Right now, it’s important to note, all we know about is the Android Wear developer preview – not even the SDK.

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