LG’s Android Wear-based G Watch priced at £180 for UK

LG G Watch

LG’s Android Wear-based G Watch

LG is to charge £180 in the UK for its first Android-powered smartwatch, the G Watch, and the device will go on sale in July, reports the Daily Telegraph.

The announcement was apparently made at the company’s UK showcase in Weybridge, and is the first indication of UK pricing for the Android Wear technology.

Matt Warman writes:

It indicates that Google will target a much lower price point for its wearable devices that companies such as Samsung have previously aimed at with their Gear smartwatches.

LG also revealed a non-functioning demonstration unit, showing a rectangular watch face with no buttons and a plastic strap, in line with their previous mock-ups. It contrasts with the round Android Wear device shown by Motorola when Google announced the software earlier this year.

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