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Top Ten Android posts in August

What was hot on the Eyes on Android blog in the month of August? Here’s the answer. Find out what your Android-interested peers have been reading!

Topics covered include Microsoft’s Sharks Cove, Droidcon London 2014, Microchip’s Bluetooth Smart, and Google Cardboard…

Taking it in reverse order…

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Android reversible debugging software licensed for customer sites

Available on Linux and Android (for Native development), UndoDB allows developers to record their program’s execution and then rewind and replay their C/C++ code in real-time, to help find bugs more quickly.

Why do I mention this? The company has announced a new way of licensing its…

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Android SDK engineer Chet Haase to give keynote at Droidcon London 2014

Meant to flag this one last week – there are further details on the Droidcon London 2014 speaker line up.

Android SDK engineer Chet Haase – you may have seen him on the “DevBytes” YouTube series – will deliver the keynote at the event, on October 30. He will be exploring what’s…

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Google fleshes out Fit with preview SDK

Google Fit was announced at the company’s I/O event back in June as part of the wearables theme. Well, Google has now fleshed out its vision for supporting fitness apps with a preview SDK available to developers…

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Microchip releases Android-friendly Bluetooth starter kit

Microchip has announced a PIC32 Bluetooth starter kit, writes Steve Bush, which includes a microcontroller, Bluetooth radio, leds, accelerometers, a temperature sensor, and push buttons.

On board, a PIC32MX270F256D runs at 83DMips with 256kbyte flash and 64kbyte RAM, and includes USB, I2S/SPI, capacitive touch sensing and an 8bit parallel…

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Microsoft enters Sharks Cove for Intel-based driver development

Should flag this one for the record. Microsoft, and Intel and CircuitCo, have announced (for pre-order) Sharks Cove, a Windows-compatible devboard for developers to build and test drivers. See DevBoard Watch: Microsoft swims into Sharks Cove with Windows dev board.

Why mention it on an Android blog? The…

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