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Microsoft turns off Android for Nokia X smartphones

A few days before it completed its move to Microsoft back in February, Nokia – after many rumours – finally embraced Android with new X, X+ and XL phones.

Well, it seems Microsoft has now performed an about turn…

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Android Roboto font evolves with range of platforms

“Along with the Material Design guidelines we released a new version of the Roboto type family. A lot of things have changed as we tuned the font to work across more screen sizes and conditions, from watches to desktops, televisions to cars.” So begins Christian Robertson, Android Visual Designer at…

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Android Wear apps wearing thin

We all have an opinion on wearable tech, but Jared Newman’s piece on had me nodding in agreement – Too Many Android Wear Apps Are Missing the Point

It may not be a novel viewpoint but it needs saying – in terms of apps on a watch, there’s…

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MediaTek True Octa-core SoC opens way to Android 64-bit era

According to Gabriel Treiband, v-p corporate marketing Europe at MediaTek, the company’s  highest performance smartphone chip, a 64-bit True Octa-core system-on-chip, opens the way to the Android 64-bit era.

The MT6795 Octa-core SoC runs at 2.2GHz and will be used in…

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Google preps Udacity Android Fundamentals training course

Here’s one to bookmark. Welcome to Android Fundamentals, an online training course approved by Google. It’s aimed at “experienced developers who are new to Android – maybe even new to mobile – but not new to programming”. It’s Developing Android Apps: Android Fundamentals to give it its full name…

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What is… Android Advertising ID?

I read an article recently – Amazon Mobile Ad Network…Now Supports Android Advertising ID – that referred to an Android Advertising ID. What’s that, I wondered? Time for another in our What is…? series…

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Google rolls out new Chromecast mirror screen feature

Google is rolling out a new Chromecast feature, Cast Screen, to let you mirror your Android screen itself to the TV. Whether that be apps or photos or whatever you are looking at, rather than just particular Cast-friendly app content.

Ambarish Kenghe, Chromecast Product Manager, writes:
To start mirroring…

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Audi drives Android Auto with models starting in 2015

Android Auto has yet to officially emerge but some news has emerged on this front, from Audi one of the (Google-friendly) Open Automotive Alliance founder members.

Audi confirms it is bringing the Google Android Auto (and Apple CarPlay) software platform to its cars, available in models starting in 2015…

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KitKat take up jumps 30% – Android in July


Google has published its latest platform stats – based on active Android devices interacting with Google Play - and KitKat is the big winner.

The latest version of Android – at least, until Android “L” emerges in the autumn – sees a large monthly jump, up 31.6% on June (from a 13…

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