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Sharing of apps integrated into Google+

The is highlighting an interesting feature that Google has silently added to Google+ timelines – the ability to present direct links to Android apps in timelines on Google+. It’s another step in Google Play’s integration into the search giant’s latest social networking venture. (So many blogs…

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Build Android accessories with Cortex-M3 based Arduino Due

We talked about Raspberry Pi recently, but here’s one for those who take an interest in another low-cost development platform – the Arduino. Arduino has announced the release of its latest open source embedded computing board based on the Cortex M3 ARM processor, writes Richard Wilson. The Arduino Due…

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Apps World 2012: AQuA launches Quality App Directory

Wouldn’t it be a good idea to have an objective classification of what constitutes a quality mobile app, with those that pass being clearly identified as such? Well, step forward AQuA, which is launching a Quality App Directory. Android is the first platform to be covered, and others may…

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London Droidcon returns in October!

The London Droidcon is returning on 25-26 October, for its fourth consecutive year. The two-day conference aims to bring together “key players in the industry and 1000+ talented developers and designers to discuss the best of business, design, and development on the Android platform”. Leading Android expert and…

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Google's Android blog emerges, glistening

For those interested in keeping an eye on Google’s Android announcements there have been a number of blogs to keep an eye on (Official blog, Mobile blog, Code blog…), well Google is promising to simplify things with its very own Android blog. Read the Google Official Android blog &gt…

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Time to take Android Training

One that looks worth bookmarking… I’m behind the curve on this one, but apparently in December Google launched a special micro-site Android Training. In a post on the Android Developers blog, Reto Meier, Android Developer Relations Tech Lead, flags its launch. The website introduces itself thus…

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2012 the year for Android development - Ovum survey

It’s almost a truism but developers will determine the success or otherwise of a platform. For it to live and grow, there needs to be a development community building services and new functionality…

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A DIY Beagleboard-based Android Gadget Starter Kit

Just realised that I haven’t flagged this popular older post from our DIY blog, Gadget Master. It involves a Beagleboard-based development emulating Google’s Android platform… Want to build your very own Android device? Well, here’s another great project from the ‘Antipasto Hardware blogger’ – the man who…

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