Android and feature phones

One to note. An interesting article on The Guardian by Charles Arthur considers the wider market impact of Android – Which businesses does Android really disrupt? Perhaps not those you think

What area of business is Android disrupting? He argues featurephone handset makers (as opposed to rival smartphone parties), and also Google’s own desktop model…

The decision to buy Android, led by Andy Rubin, in 2005 was taken without reference to Eric Schmidt, then the chairman, because it was so clear to Larry Page that this was the way forward. Better to disrupt your business with something that will in the end be bigger (because the potential ownership of mobiles is every person on the planet; desktop or laptop computers, somewhat smaller). Again, Android – with its data-gathering system feeding into the ads that you get offered on searches and in some apps – is ideally suited to the task: it’s bringing new technology to the space.


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