Google summarises what’s new, in Jelly Bean II

android-jelly-bean-logo-x-250-white.jpgGoogle has produced a nice summary page of the new elements to be found in Android version 4.2 (aka “Jelly Bean” II) – see

The sections they break things down into include Accessibility, Camera and Gallery, Clock, Graphics, Internationalization, Keyboard, Lock Screen, Messaging and Talk, Networking, and such like…

For example, for Lock Screen they write:

  • New Android 4.2 lets you place widgets on your device’s lock screen to give you faster access to your calendar, Gmail, SMS messages, and even third party app widgets.
  • New Quickly launch Google Now by swiping up from the bottom edge of your secure lock screen.
  • New Easily access camera straight from your phone’s lock screen.

Thanks to ArsTechnica for highlighting this one.

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