Lightplay projector connects with Android

phonesuit.jpgIt’s always good to read about Android in new places. How about in a projector?

New Straits Times, the English-language Malaysian newspaper, is reporting that Phonesuit’s new Lightplay compact projector runs on Android.

The “Smart Micro Projector” runs on a 1GHz processor, with 8GB of internal memory, reports the paper, and there is support for USB, mini-USB, HDMI and Wi-Fi connectivity. While there is a wireless keyboard, a motion controller also enables the use of hand swipes and gestures to control it (via “3 axis gyroscope technology”, recalling the nTobeBox, the Android gesture-controlled smart set top box). It supports 1080p and 720p HD content.

It kind of makes sense. With Google Play connectivity accessing films and games online, to project, it does make some commercial sense…

phonesuite-2.jpgPhonesuit writes:

The Apps run directly on the Lightplay’s processor so there’s no need for a separate Smartphone or Tablet. Share it all with your family and friends on nearly any surface or location you choose! Lightplay works great with your current Smartphone and Tablet as well. You can wirelessly sync your data or mirror your smartphone screen on the projector.

The Lightplay is much more than just a simple streaming projector. It’s everything you need for a true mobile entertainment and computing solution. All of this in a very compact, palm-sized, wireless, mobile device. Don’t be confined by your static display. Turn any room or wall into an gigantic home theater with the PhoneSuit Lightplay!

The Lightplay projector will be priced at $499 with a 1 November release.

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