Microsoft enters Sharks Cove for Intel-based driver development

Microsoft-Intel Sharks-Cove-BoardShould flag this one for the record. Microsoft, and Intel and CircuitCo, have announced (for pre-order) Sharks Cove, a Windows-compatible devboard for developers to build and test drivers. See DevBoard Watch: Microsoft swims into Sharks Cove with Windows dev board.

Why mention it on an Android blog? The key element is the Intel Atom Z3735G processor and Microsoft explicitly allows that “Sharks Cove is a development board that you can use to develop hardware and drivers for Windows and Android” (see

With support for a range of interfaces – including GPIO, I2C, I2S, UART, SDIO, Ethernet, mini USB, USB, and MIPI for Display and Camera – the target usage is Intel based tablets and mobile devices. Think ‘appcessories’.

It takes its cue from Raspberry Pi, measuring 6in x 4in, but it’s more pricey – it will be £192.99, from Mouser Electronics.

It’s also another one to note regarding Intel’s possible advance into Android territory.

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