Samsung did not wilfully copy Apple interface, rules US judge

What’s that? Developments in the Samsung Apple case? Time to turn to Foss Patents for definitive legal analysis…

The long running Apple-Samsung tablet dispute has indeed taken another twist.

It seems the federal judge Lucy Koh, in the Northern District of California, has ruled that Apple’s patents were not wilfully infringed by Samsung, which means the original verdict stands and Apple will not receive additional damages.

However, there will be more to come in this long-running patent infrinegment dispute. Foss Patents writes:

The court still has to rule on Samsung’s request for adjustments to the damages award (Samsung wants it tossed or reduced). Due to the denial of a permanent injunction, Apple will presumably move at some point for an award of ongoing royalties for future use of its patents by Samsung – the denial of an injunction does not mean that Samsung is entitled to a freebie. And it’s a given that either party will ultimately appeal (from the final district court ruling, to which we’re now a lot closer) any unfavorable parts.

Note that the judge also upheld the jury’s original liability findings against Samsung.

The case involves such details of the user interface as the rubber-banding effect and the pinch-to-zoom technique.

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