tawkon gets retro handset

tawkon-handset.jpgThe people behind the tawkon Android app are launching an integrated, branded retro handset.

“Now users can enjoy an end-to-end tawkon solution protecting them from mobile radiation, allowing them to continue and ‘talk on’,” they say

The company makes a big play on phone safety and phone radiation exposure, with the tawkon app being “a health tracker that alerts you when your phone’s radiation level spikes, and offers tips to help you lower it, so you can talk on”.

“The tawkon retro handsets have been made available in conjunction with the release of the new version of the tawkon Anrdoid application,” says the press release. “The app is now more social than ever, making it even easier to protect your family and friends by sharing exposure and usage statistics, as well as share how much radiation you have avoided with your Facebook friends.”

Features highlighted by the company:

    High quality speaker and microphone

    Noise reduction system

    Answer, disconnect, and adjust volume directly from handset

    Eliminates 99% of absorbed phone radiation

    Designed to feel light and luxurious

    Rubberized soft-touch finish for ultimate comfort and feel

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