Top Ten Android posts in April

top-ten-generic-260.jpgA quick roundup of what was hot on the Eyes on Android blog in the month of March. Find out what your Android-interested peers have been reading!

Topics covered include a mini PC, penetration testing, SE Android and tablet development. And the What is…? series has been boosted by being listed in the side panel…

In reverse order:

10. Android coding topic: creating single-pane and multi-pane layout

9. Android powers Acer DA220HQL smart display

8. Google takes translations offline for Android

7. What is…Eclipse?

6. What is… Security Enhanced (se) Android?

5. Network penetration testing, Android tablet style

4. BeagleBone Black talks Android

3. Google nudges developers to tablet development

2. What is… the Dalvik Virtual Machine?

1. Udoo single-board mini PC runs Android 278 2.5%

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