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Udoo computer modules go global with Mouser


ARM-based single board computer firm Udoo has made a global sales push and signed distributor Mouser Electronics. Udoo has a range of computer modules which are compatible with the Arduino design environment. The distributor will stock six versions of the Udoo SBCs, including the newly launched Udoo NEO, which is an open-source computing module based on a Freescale i.MX 6 SoloX applications ...

How they make Raspberry Pi in the UK – Electronics Weekly visits Pencoed

making Raspberry Pi at Pencoed

httpv://youtu.be/Tza6Hl8wSJ0 See a Raspberry Pi constructed from scratch. From start to finish we show the manufacturing process of the Raspberry Pi at the Sony facility in Pencoed South Wales: assembly, inspection and testing. Claire Doyle, Head of Raspberry Pi Global Division at Element 14, and Gareth Jones, Senior Manager New Business Development at Sony Uk Tech, talk us through the ...

The future of OpenVPX


This video interview from Acal BFi and Emerson Network Power considers the future of OpenVPX. It explains the difference between VPX and OpenVPX and how engineers using VME today should consider OpenVPX as a logical way forward if they need more performance.

Getting Started with i.MX50 Development Platforms using Linux


Qspeed diodes combine high efficiency and low EMI; ideal for PFC and high-frequency, high-voltage rectifier applications In this video you will learn how to get up and running quickly with the i.M50 Evaluation Kit (EVK) and SABRE (Smart Application Blueprint for Rapid Engineering) for eReaders. This tutorial will provide a brief introduction to i.MX50 processors and a step-by-step guide to get the Linux operating system running on your i.MX50 development platform.

Rohde & Schwarz RTO series


At Embedded Live 2010, Geoff Wild, Account Manager of Rohde & Schwarz, presents an overview of the new R&S RTO touch screen series of oscilloscopes. Using a 10Gsample/s 4 channel 2GHz bandwidth instrument, he shows how to set up the scope to acquire data and identify, for example, an intermittent error...

Virtualization in Embedded Linux


Jim Ready, the CTO and Founder of MontaVista Software, discusses virtualization in embedded Linux - how it differs from virtualization in the IT world, the technologies that can be applied for virtualization, and the different use cases you often find.