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Google's Android TV coming soon...

Hot on the heels of Amazon releasing it’s Android-based set-top box, Amazon Fire TV, Google is anticipated to do the same with Android TV (as distinct from the Google TV launched a few years ago, not very successfully).

The story comes the – Exclusive: this is…

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Race for in-car infotainment sees Android as dark horse

Meant to cover this one before. Tim Stevens of CNet provides an excellent overview of the current state of automotive play when it comes to infotainment systems – see 2014′s battle for dashboard supremacy.

We wrote about Google announcing its Android-based Open Automotive Alliance (OAA) at CES in January…

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Device Developers' Conference conference focuses on Android

The Device Developers’ Conference which runs in May and June will explore to the benefits of the Android operating system for device development and introduces the solutions available to help engineers and programmers get started, writes Richard Wilson.

One paper from Solid State Supplies, entitled “Android for Embedded Devices”, will…

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Android-friendly Ethernet module for CNC machines

Liverpool-based Brainboxes has launched a digital networking module for industrial machine control, the ED-204, writes technology editor Steve Bush.

Why are we mentioning this in an Android blog? Because applications can be run on servers, desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones, including Android.

Software drivers give users a local…

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RioTboard Android devkit has two ARM cores

Just to flag this one, which has already crossed our news index. Element14 has launched a single-board development system for Android-based handheld devices, writes Steve Bush.

Called RioTboard, and priced at £46, it’s based around a 1GHz ARM Cortex-A9 core in a Freescale i.MX 6Solo…

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Android hardware eating the world

Here’s an interesting blog post I would suggest repays five minutes of your time.

In The meaning of really cheap Android analyst Benedict Evans begins by assessing the difficulty of truly counting Android penetration, and goes on to consider how Android is embedding itself in lots of new and…

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Renault drives Android in-car infotainment

Automotive Android is always interesting to me, and this one caught my eye, on TechRadar – Renault R-Link: Everything you need to know Jeremy Laird tests the in-car tech of Renault Android-based Clio. Check out his look at the latest infotainment system – he considers how R-Link fits…

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Android smart set top box supports gesture control

Innodigital and eyeSight Mobile Technologies are claiming the world’s first Android set top box to support gesture control. The Israel-based gesture recognition company eyeSight and the Korean smart set-top box specialists Innodigital have combined on the nTobeBox product, which includes gesture-recognition technology. In theory, the nTobeBox…

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