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Google rolls out new Chromecast mirror screen feature

Google is rolling out a new Chromecast feature, Cast Screen, to let you mirror your Android screen itself to the TV. Whether that be apps or photos or whatever you are looking at, rather than just particular Cast-friendly app content. Ambarish Kenghe, Chromecast Product Manager, writes: To start mirroring…

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Android SMS, MMS handling to change

Google has given a small glimpse of something new in the next version of Android, v4.4 – the user will be able to choose their own default app for handling text messaging. As a by-product, Google will also be better able to control apps that seek work around access…

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NFC wirelessly powers bistable ePaper

Here’s an interesting one, highlighted by – it’s using an (Android) smartphone to drive a separate display, powered by harvesting energy from the NFC comms themselves. Bistable displays are essentially static displays that require power to change, offering the promise of perpetual operation with zero added power…

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Texas Instruments writes Bluetooth Smart SensorTag app for Android

Texas Instruments has announced a Bluetooth Smart SensorTag app for Android. The latest version of the platform – 4.3 “Jelly Bean” – now has native support of Bluetooth Smart Ready. It has been designed to work with TI’s CC2541-basedSensorTag, which has six commonly used sensors on a single board…

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Qualcomm runs AllJoyn P2P app competition

Are you an Android developer? Would you like to win $75,000? Well, Qualcomm is running a Peer-2-Peer App Challenge, to encourage use of its own SDK to support AllJoyn technology (an open-source development framework for proximity-based device-to-device comms). “Qualcomm invites software developers to…

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UK availability of Amazon's Cloud Player for Android

I think it’s worth keeping an eye on Amazon’s use of Android, and here’s the announcement of UK availability of its Cloud Player service, for Android – as well as iOS and and Macs and PCs – letting you store and access music content in The Cloud wherever you…

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Spotify uses NFC for sharing music

Just quick post to help document the spread (or not) of NFC into new areas… The latest Android version of the music streaming Spotify service takes advantage of the near-field comms built-in to the latest Android devices, reports The Inquirer. A new feature allows two subscribers to share…

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Samsung's Android projector, in detail

An interesting blog post on gadgethelpline takes a detailed look at the Android projector functionality, as found in the recently relased Samsung Galaxy Beam… The projector functionality includes Quick Pad (allowing users to annotate web pages and presentations), the Visual Presenter (projecting the view from the phone’s camera lens…

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