Taking Samsung wearables for a run

PC Pro Samsung wearables reviewOne to note. PC Pro have reviewed the range of Samsung wearables.

They take a look at the Samsung Gear 2, Gear 2 Neo, and Gear Fit, seeing how they measure up in terms of fitness aids, battery life, camera usage, etc.

The Gear 2 is rated the best of the bunch, with the Gear Fit trailing.

Darien Graham-Smith writes, for example:

The only thing spoiling this excellent first impression is the design of the thick rubber straps on the Gear 2 and Neo: the bulky clips get in the way when you’re typing, and we found the metal clasp dug into the flesh. Still, unlike the original Galaxy Gear (which embedded a camera into the wristband), these models use a standard 22mm strap fitting, so you can easily fit a replacement of your choice. It’s also possible to replace the band on the Fit, should you so wish; here the rubber band simply pulls off to allow a replacement to be snapped on.

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