@WindowsPhone rallies anti-Android twitter campaign

windowsphone.jpgThis one made me smile – The Register is reporting on Microsoft’s resurrection of an anti-Android marketing ploy. The Redmond giant is using twitter – via its official @WindowsPhone – to enlist stories of Android woes (last year, Windows Phones were prizes for the best replies).

Having cited the malware threat to Google’s platform, highlighted by a recent Sophos Security, it is quoting the hashtag #DroidRage as a rallying point for end-user dissatisfaction.

As is the nature of these things, however, all is not going quite to plan…

Neil McAllister writes:

While a few Android customers seemed willing to play along, however, citing tales of deceptive apps that spammed everyone in their contacts list or sent premium-rate SMS messages, the majority of this year’s participants were more inclined to treat the stunt with ridicule.

As he says, you can see for yourself how this marketing strategy is playing out by heading over to twitter and searching for #DroidRage. It’s all good knock about stuff.

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