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Android powers Portable Eye Examination Kit for blindness prevention

Here’s a very worthy use of Android – underpinning the Portable Eye Examination Kit. Created by scientists at the University of St Andrews, the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine and NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde, it’s currently being tested in Kenya as a potential tool to aid…

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Jelly Bean III, the codename that wouldn't surrender

The much-anticipated release of Android 4.3 has been announced. And, as we suggested could be the case, it is being labelled as another Jelly Bean, as opposed to Key Lime Pie. We are up to Jelly Bean III, now, following Android 4.1 and 4.2… Anyhoo, headline…

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Google updates info on Android 4.2 development

Google has updated its information for developers about platform versions, providing a link, with context information, to Android 4.2 APIs. See here. The Level 17 APIs cover Daydream, the new interactive screensaver mode for Android devices, the use of secondary displays, lock screen widgets, nested fragments, support for multiple…

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Google pushes envelope for seven-inch devices - John Lagerling

An interesting article is on the New York Times, in its Bits technology section. Brian Chen has interviewed John Lagerling, director of business development for Android. The talk is mainly centred on Google’s strategy with the Nexus brand and pricing – see One on One: Google Android Director on Nexus…

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Comment: Jelly Bean, pt II - marketing wriggle room?

The release of Android v4.2 was classed simply as a “new flavour” of Jelly Bean, rather than one deserving of a new moniker (Key Lime Pie was lined up). This is not the first time Google has had multiple versions of Android under one codename, but it’s not…

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Jelly Bean remains a small Android stat

A stick often used to beat Android is the fragmentation of the OS across various devices. And in particular, the slowness with which new platform updates emerge across the market. Take, for instance, the latest monthly stats from Google that show an uptake of 1.2% for its latest and…

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Flash disappears from Android store - Jobs was right

Steve Jobs famously challenged Adobe to demonstrate (mobile) Flash in its glory on handheld devices, and claimed it never passed his test. Well, The Register reports that the Flash Player is to vanish from the Android store today, as well. reports Adobe flagged this back in June, with…

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Original Android phone gets Jelly Bean-ified

Here’s an interesting curio. The world’s first Android phone – the HTC device known as “T-Mobile G1″ or the “HTC Dream” – has been Jelly Bean-ified… A post on the xds-developers forum reports “a working CM10 port of Jelly Bean to the HTC G1, the first android…

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