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KitKat Android? Give me a break!

Android versions get registered trademarks… Whoah! Who saw that coming? Bizarrely, Google is now using Android code names in commercial deals. With a succession of candy/desert based codenames identifying versions of Android, poor old “Key Lime Pie” will now never see the light of day. The successor to Jelly…

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Android 4.3 update anticipated for Wednesday

Google is hosting a media event on 24 July, which has caused a ripple across the techoverse. It is widely expected that it will showcase a major update to Android, version 4.3 specifically. This is anticipated to be delineated at “Key Lime Pie” but who’s to say it…

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Google pushes envelope for seven-inch devices - John Lagerling

An interesting article is on the New York Times, in its Bits technology section. Brian Chen has interviewed John Lagerling, director of business development for Android. The talk is mainly centred on Google’s strategy with the Nexus brand and pricing – see One on One: Google Android Director on Nexus…

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How would your Android Key Lime Pie taste?

Jelly Bean has just been launched, many are still waiting to even experience Ice Cream Sandwich, but some people aren’t satisfied… is already anticipating eating the contents of Key-Lime Pie, the successor to Android Jelly Bean, due circa 1H 2013. See Android 4.2 Key Lime…

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