German court rules against Microsoft in radio interface dispute

A German court has ruled against Microsoft in a radio interface patent dispute involving Motorola Mobility and its Android-based devices, reports Foss Patents. The original trial was in August, but the judge has now ruled a non-infringement.

It involves patent EP1233343 – a “Method and radio interface layer comprising a set of application programming interfaces (APIs)” – but so far there is explanation of the reasoning behind the decision.

The blog points out that, apart from this ruling, Microsoft has previously profited from a number of disputes with Motorola Mobility in the German courts, despite Motorola being the party bring the cases to court in Germany. Microsoft initiated cases in the US, to prove Android infringed its patents.

You can read full details on the case on the Foss Patents blog, which is excellent for all technological patent issues (see, for example, it’s coverage of Samsung’s appeal against the recent pro-Apple ruling – Analysis of detailed version of preliminary ITC ruling on Samsung complaint against Apple).

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