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Latest Android Market Polls & Reviews

Poll: Android Wear - made to measure?

Everyone has a view on wearable technology. Take this trenchant view, for example. My own, for what it’s worth, is that its value has been overplayed but it has a valid niche role… More importantly, what do you think of Android Wear as a concept? A promising development from…

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Poll: Google's Motorola sale good for Android?

A perfect one for a poll. What do you think of Google’s decision to sell Motorola? There have been a few days for the dust to settle, so let us know your thoughts. Put aside business issues, and we’ll concentrate on the Android side of things, and the…

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Poll: Android for Christmas?

All I got for Christmas… Let’s start the New Year with a simple poll. Did you get an Android-based device for Christmas? If so, please be kind enough to enumerate via the comments section. Phablet, tablet, phone, set-top box, or something completely out of the ordinary – if…

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Poll: Should Nokia have embraced Android?

A report in the New York Times has triggered a (hoary) question… The significance of Nokia having investigated running Android on a Lumia phone? I think I’m with The Register on this one – In MASSIVE surprise, world+dog discovers Nokia checked out Android – it’s no surprise, not hard…

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Poll: Phablets - the future of Smartphones?

Time for a quick poll… Everyone hates the name, but are phablets shaping up as the future of smartphones? More people are consuming more video content more of the time, so a bigger and bigger screen just makes sense, doesn’t it? With the new LG Optimus G2 and Samsung…

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Poll: Tempted by Facebook Home?

An obvious question to ask, given last week’s announcement of the tie-up between Facebook and HTC for Facebook Home, the customised family of Android apps… So, what did you think? Is it what you’ve been waiting for? Looking forward to “Chat Heads” and other social messaging content…

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Poll: Time for a smart watch?

The recent post Google checks time on Android smart watch? prompts an obvious Poll. What are your thoughts on computationally advanced horological devices? Tempted by the prospect of a neat bit of kit, on your wrist? Are you tempted by a Smart Watch? Poll: Time for a smart watch…

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Poll: Is Samsung's success distorting Android?

Time for a Poll, and an obvious one relates to Samsung and the expectation surrounding the Galaxy S 4. Many people seem to believe that Samsung is now dominating the Android arena to an excessive extent – it’s the bigger brand, to put it crudely. Others see Samsung trying to…

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