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Intel emulates x86 Android with Google API calls

An interesting one to flag on The Inquirer to document the march, if that’s the right verb, of Android on x86.

They highlight a post on Intel’s Developer Zone blog, covering Google releasing an x86 system image for the Android SDK that includes the Google APIs – so that…

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Programming MOOC uses Android to build mobile game

Don’t know if MOOCs have caught your eye (massive open online course) but these free-to-take course modules are run by proper universities and seem a rather interesting and positive development for online learning…

Which is a long preamble to flag the fact that the University of Reading…

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Amazon amends Amazon Coin for Android

In-game purchases are a major element of the modern gaming world – an alternative source of revenue, and less of a barrier to entry than app pricing. Why do I mention this? Amazon is extending “Amazon Coin” functionality to all Android devices with the Amazon Appstore installed.

The idea is…

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Going to market with Bluetooth Smart

If your work on Android involves Bluetooth, this one may be worth checking out – Five steps to get your Bluetooth smart product to market

It’s on the CSR blog, and covers design prototypes, pre-production hardware, and integration and testing…

Caveat emptor, it is heavily based in parts around…

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Get Google Cast-ready with the Google Cast SDK

Meant to flag this one last week – Google has made its Google Cast SDK available, letting developers make their apps Google Cast-ready.

Chromecast technology enables display of content across mobile devices, such as phones, tablets, laptops, and large-screen displays, such as your TV. Basically, mixing out app content…

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Samsung to upgrade Software Development Kit at MWC 2014

Samsung has confirmed it will introduce its latest Software Development Kit (SDK) at Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2014 in Barcelona

The company writes:
The Samsung Developer Day, which has taken place annually at MWC since 2011, will introduce Samsung’s latest Software Development Kit (SDK) and allow Samsung’s partners…

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UndoDB reversible debugger adds support for Android

UndoDB v4, the reversible Linux debugger, now also supports Android Native application development (ARM and x86) and also ARM processors (ARMv5, ARMv6 and ARMv7).

The key claim of Undo is that its low memory consumption allows you to step your application backward as well as forward, faster than any other…

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Intel compiles for Android Native Development

One for Android application developers. Intel has officially announced it has expanded its Intel C++ Compiler for Android. This is now version 14.0.

You can use the compiler on Windows, OS X or Linux-based systems to target systems based on Intel processors. Intel’s compiler is compatible with…

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