Android reversible debugging software licensed for customer sites

Android green robotAvailable on Linux and Android (for Native development), UndoDB allows developers to record their program’s execution and then rewind and replay their C/C++ code in real-time, to help find bugs more quickly.

Why do I mention this? The company has announced a new way of licensing its reversible debugging software, called “UndoDB Out-and-About”.

The idea is to help “track down software failures, such as intermittent issues and memory corruption errors, directly at the customer site.”

“Software vendors operate in a complex development ecosystem, and it is imperative that they work closely with their customers to ensure software is meeting the highest quality standards in the field,” said Greg Law, CEO and co-founder, Undo Software.

“By extending the power of reversible debugging to customer sites with UndoDB Out-and-About, vendors can find and fix customer-critical bugs faster, protecting client relationships while increasing productivity.”

Find out more about Out-and-About on the Undo-Software website »


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