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UndoDB reversible debugger adds support for Android

Undo EditionsUndoDB v4, the reversible Linux debugger, now also supports Android Native application development (ARM and x86) and also ARM processors (ARMv5, ARMv6 and ARMv7).

The key claim of Undo is that its low memory consumption allows you to step your application backward as well as forward, faster than any other commercial or open-source reversible debugger.

“By stepping back in your program, setting a watchpoint or replaying non-deterministic bugs, you can get straight to the root cause of the bugs that are decreasing your productivity and slowing your software releases,” the creators claim.

Other new features of v4 include:

  • Support for remote debugging: “Debug an executable running a remote target using undodb-server instead of gdbserver”.
  • No dependency on binutils on the target machine: “Eases deployment of Undo, particularly to small/embedded targets”.
  • Improved compatibility with graphical front-ends including Eclipse and emacs.
  • Multiple performance improvements and bug fixes: “Including significant performance improvements when executing writeable code and/or when debugging very large programs”.

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