Revenues rise in the East for Android

app-annie-survey.jpgAn interesting story on The Guardian looks at Smartphone data usage. The data was provided by App Annie (“Apps. Stats. Insights.”) and provides a geographic and revenue breakdown of the Android and iOS platforms.

The main take away is that Android still lags iOS significantly in terms of revenue generation but is gaining ground… The most interesting point, geographically, is the success of Android in Asia – Japan has overtaken the US for Google Play revenues, and in South Korea Google Play revenues outnumber App Store totals three-to-one. 

Charles Arthur writes:

The data shows a gulf in the value of downloads on the two platforms, despite Android outselling iPhone substantially across the world. And compared with January – the index that App Annie uses to measure against – both iOS and Android have increased per-download monetisation, with Android doing far better.

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Note that Apple has disputed the App Annie figures.

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