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Security: Android extends checks of application integrity

Android Verify Apps

Google is responding to increased security concerns around Android by extending its checks for harmful apps on a device. It says it adding to its general “service layer” for “further fortifying your Android phone or tablet”. Specifically, it is giving the option for the system to continually check your device and the integrity of its apps, even after their installation. ...

Mobile malware rates continue to rise

Worrying data about the poor level of security of our mobile phones, particularly Android phones, comes from a new report by Alcatel-Lucent, writes Richard Wilson. The Paris-based networks firm says its data indicates that security threats are increasing and as many as 11.6 million devices may be infected by malware at a given time. This could result in stolen personal and financial information, pirated data usage ...

Android “KitKat” enforces sandbox security

One of the surprisingly popular articles on the blog continues to be What is… Security Enhanced (SE) Android? Maybe it is NSA being in the news, after Snowden. But I’ve jut updated the piece with a snippet of information released on an official Android blog. Writing about the open nature of Android – The value of openness in Android security ...

University of Cambridge investigates side channel attacks on Android phones

We covered this one on our University Research blog, but it is worth highlighting again, I feel. Researchers at Cambridge University have been evaluating the feasibility of malware-based “side channel attacks” on Android phones using their accelerometer and gyroscope sensors. Apparently, there is a potential for the hijacking of personal data, such as inferring PINs… See their paper describing the research in detail. It ...

The NSA and Android

NSA badge

Meant to write about this one last week… The headline on qz.com made me smile, I must admit – No wonder China is worried about Android – the NSA helped write its source code It makes some interesting points, about the role of government in open source projects, and the whole Snowden affair has thrown a spotlight on the way major ...

MegaDroid harnesses 300,000 Android phones


What would an 'entire city's worth of Android smartphones' look like? Well, one answer is given by the New York Times, covering research at the Sandia National Laboratories in its Bits technology section... It's a rack of 500 computers, aka MegaDroid.