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Amazon tunes Android for Fire TV video streaming

Amazon’s fork of Android – known as Fire OS (the “Mojito” version, to be precise) - is what powers the new video streaming hardware Amazon Fire TV.

It’s Amazon’s first attempt at TV hardware, supporting 720p and 1080p output, and it runs on a quad-core Qualcomm Krait 300…

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Amazon amends Amazon Coin for Android

In-game purchases are a major element of the modern gaming world – an alternative source of revenue, and less of a barrier to entry than app pricing. Why do I mention this? Amazon is extending “Amazon Coin” functionality to all Android devices with the Amazon Appstore installed.

The idea is…

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Poll: Tempted by Facebook Home?

An obvious question to ask, given last week’s announcement of the tie-up between Facebook and HTC for Facebook Home, the customised family of Android apps… So, what did you think? Is it what you’ve been waiting for? Looking forward to “Chat Heads” and other social messaging content…

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Poll: Is Amazon Coin welcome tender?

This week’s poll falls in my lap from yesterday’s story about Amazon and the new coin of its realm – Amazon coins Kindle Fire currency
The online retail giant is planning to use the virtual currency with Android apps running on its Kindle Fire devices. That’s both for…

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Amazon smartphone rumours resurrected

The perennial Amazon phone rumours are starting again. David Manners covers the latest reports:

Amazon is now said to have signed a deal with Foxconn to build five million smartphones to be launched next summer, he writes.The word is that the Amazon phone will cost between $100 and $200…

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