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Apple, Google bury the legal hatchet

Must quickly record this one, for posterity and to refer back to… Apple and Google wisely agreeing to bury the legal hatchet, settling all outstanding smartphone lawsuits against each other.

“Apple and Google have agreed to dismiss all the current lawsuits that exist directly between the two companies,” said a…

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NFC to be victim of Great Game between Android and Apple?

Just to flag an interesting comment piece from the News section, which covers the issue of mobile payments technology and whether NFC will be pipped at the post when it comes to mass adoption – see NFC and mobile payments – always a bridesmaid never a bride

Is NFC finally going to…

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AMD having second thoughts about Android?

AMD has previously shown no interest in Android, avowedly concentrating on Windows 8 for its tablets, but could things be changing?

Agam Shah has written a piece on PC World outlining some positive noises emanating from AMD around Android. Windows is still the priority, but the door could be open…

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Apple marketing chief helpfully warns of Android malware threat

The technosphere is buzzing about the latest F-Secure report on the apparently many and various security threats to be found circling Android (96 new families of threats in the last quarter alone, it says)…. Apple’s Philip W. Schiller – senior vp of worldwide marketing – is among those drawing attention…

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Samsung did not wilfully copy Apple interface, rules US judge

What’s that? Developments in the Samsung Apple case? Time to turn to Foss Patents for definitive legal analysis…

The long running Apple-Samsung tablet dispute has indeed taken another twist.

It seems the federal judge Lucy Koh, in the Northern District of California, has ruled that Apple’s patents…

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Qualcomm weighs into Apple-Samsung patent dispute

A startling US Court filing by Qualcomm, as part of the ongoing tablet dispute between Apple and Samsung, attacks Apple with no holds barred. Think of terms such as ‘sham’, ‘mask slipping’, pretext… Qualcomm says Apple “should be embarrassed” at its patent infringement…

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PugPig powers Android Tablet apps based on HTML

Just been to an interesting meeting. The team behind PugPig – Jonny Kaldor and John Marx – were invited to RBI to talk about their platform for supporting app publishing, on Android and Apple tablets. It seems worth sharing, to file under ‘software’.

PugPig provides a container for HTML content (doesn’t…

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Android displaces Symbian in UK smartphone market – Comscore

Wasn’t it Churchill who said ‘The only statistics you can trust are those you’ve made up yourself’? Well, having set that context of statistical skeptitude, here’s news that Android’s share of the UK smartphone market has grown 634 per cent year-on-year! Big numbers come…

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Ten reasons why Amazon’s Android tablet can take on the iPad

An interesting one on eWeek about Amazon’s rumoured Android offering – Amazon’s Tablet Could Prove a Fine iPad Competitor: 10 Reasons Why. Number three, for example, is that “The screen size is where it needs to be” Don Reisinger, writes…

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