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iPhone 5 trounces Android in touchscreen responsiveness benchmark

This one certainly caught my eye. Is the year-old Apple iPhone 5 really twice as fast, in terms of touch responsiveness, as the current Android smartphone flagship, the Samsung Galaxy S4? And that is indeed the best of the Android phones tested.

Agawi’s TouchMarks I benchmarking system addresses…

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Android BitCoin wallets vulnerable to theft

What are your thoughts about BitCoin – “a new form of money that uses cryptography to control its creation and transactions, rather than relying on central authorities”?

Well, watch out with your BitCoin wallet on Android. T3 is among those reporting a warning from BitCoin developers about an Android security vulnerability…

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Samsung App Challenge strikes info-sharing Chord

Samsung is launching its Smart App Challenge 2013, a (global) compo for the best Galaxy S4 apps. Specifically, the apps must make use of the Samsung Chord SDK, “which allows app developers to build local information-sharing applications without detailed knowledge of networking”.

Features of the real-time info sharing…

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Android Case Study: Android versus iOS – App revenue potential

Welcome to another in the new series of Eyes on Android posts that will highlight particular case studies involving the mobile platform. This one considers the usage and revenue potential of apps on Android with comparison to Apple’s iOS (iPhone OS)…

Specifically, Spacetime Studios has made the Pocket Legends…

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Sharp NFC payments with RW-T107 Android tablet

We’ve touched on Android and NFC before, and here is a further development. In Japan, Sharp is releasing its Android tablet complete with an NFC reader to accept payments… Engadget writes…

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Android Developer Labs 2011 scheduled

Just to quickly echo an announcement from Gooogle, on the Android Developers blog – Android Developer Labs 2011 have been scheduled, for 2H2011.

These are one day events that are “specifically aimed at optimizing Android apps for tablets, in particular creating high-quality tablet apps with an emphasis on polish and…

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Video: Honeycomb 3.0 and a Motorola Xoom review

Having started to document, via video, the Android interfaces – version 2.2 of the OS, Froyo, in the case of the entry-level Viewsonic tablet – here is an overview of a more recent Honeycomb (v3.0) device… the Motorola Xoom…

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