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Fragmentation monthly – Goodbye Donut and Eclair

Google has just updated its figures showing the latest monthly takeup of the various Android versions. With the predictable domination of Jelly Bean – as versions 4.1, 4.2 and 4.3 of the platform are now all labelled the same – perhaps the most interesting point to note this month…

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Top Ten Android posts in June

What was hot on the Eyes on Android blog in the month of May? Here’s the answer. Find out what your Android-interested peers have been reading!

Topics covered include geofencing, Apple pie charts, smart displays, Google Earth,  and the ever-expanding Samsung Galaxy range…

Taking it in reverse…

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Voice Actions for Android comes to the UK and Western Europe

One I missed from last week – Google has launched Voice Actions for Android in the UK, France, Italy, Germany and Spain, extending the reach of speech recognition beyond searching Google using your voice.

It was launched in the US last year, and allows you – as you would expect – to control…

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Google Maps 5.8 for Android adds ‘My Places’

On the Google Mobile Blog, the company’s product manager Benjamin Grol talks about the Google Maps 5.8 update for Android. This release adds photo uploads, adds a “My Places” to manage Places you’ve starred and recently viewed, and adds support for ‘descriptive terms’ (think comments or tags…

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A new Android Market for v2.2 phones

Just a quick flag-in-the-sand post, to mark this one

Google has launched another Android market for phones on version 2.2 and above, reports The Inquirer. It is intended to bring “a fresh look and more types of content,” they say.

Google itself comments on the release…

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