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Fragmentation monthly – Goodbye Donut and Eclair

Google has just updated its figures showing the latest monthly takeup of the various Android versions. With the predictable domination of Jelly Bean – as versions 4.1, 4.2 and 4.3 of the platform are now all labelled the same – perhaps the most interesting point to note this month…

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Fragmentation monthly – Android 4 reaching 60% penetration

Google has updated its figures showing the takeup of the various Android versions, covering July 2013.

Nothing major to report – Jelly Bean is still growing, as you would expect, and now eclipsing the once prevalent 2.3.x Gingerbread. The Android versions v4.x – the latest major revision – now account…

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Apple throws pie chart in face of Android

In a barely disguised dig at Google, Apple is now documenting “iOS fragmentation” in a monthly chart just like the Android counterpart. Ouch.

The pie chart shows what percentage of people are using different versions of iOS. In an exact echo of Google, the chart is available on the company…

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Comment: New Android functionality represents Jelly Bean III?

Wasn’t a new (minor) version of Android expected at Google I/O? It didn’t appear, but there’s an interesting comment piece on that bids to explain why – How Google cleverly improved Android without releasing Android 4.3 at Google I/O

Basically, they argue, by…

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