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Samsung Galaxy Gear watch tells time for Android

Just a quick post to flag the release of the Samsung Galaxy Gear smart watch, released at the IFA show. I’ve covered it in more depth on the sister blog Gadget Master, but of course it has specific Android provenance, too.

It works with Android devices (some Samsung Galaxy…

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Android prospers in Western Europe; Samsung dominant, Sony resurgent

TechCrunch is highlighting figures from Kantar Worldpanel (a market research division of WPP) that outline Android European dominance in Western Europe, specifically the markets of Great Britain, Germany, France, Italy and Spain.

There’s good news for Smasung in that almost half of all smartphones sold in Europe are now…

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Galaxy NX smart camera features interchangeable lenses with 4G

I feel I should almost apologise for the frequency of postings about Samsung Galaxy Android releases, but here is another one worthy of mention…

It’s the Galaxy NX smart camera, which is 4G-friendly and features interchangeable lenses (“from compact pancake lenses and an ultra-wide fisheye, to longer…

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Android could be badly bitten by GPL licensing

It’s a dramatic headline for a story on SlashGear but it has an awful ring of truth to it – previously submerged issues about Android’s licensing becoming ever less subterranean… Google challenges Lodsys but Android faces legal firestorm over source sluggishness

Basically, it says that not all Android parties…

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