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Poll: Is Samsung's success distorting Android?

Time for a Poll, and an obvious one relates to Samsung and the expectation surrounding the Galaxy S 4.

Many people seem to believe that Samsung is now dominating the Android arena to an excessive extent – it’s the bigger brand, to put it crudely. Others see Samsung trying to…

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Poll: Gingerbread past its sell by date?

Time for another poll! Let’s keep with the monthly Android platform stats, recently released. Inevitably, thoughts turn Gingerbread-wards…

How damaging is it, to the general perception of Android, that a two-year-old version still predominates on active devices? Have your say.

<a href=”http…

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Intel seeks customised Android to compete with ARM on Atoms

This one caught my eye on SlashGear. It seems Intel is looking to get a custom version of Android Gingerbread in order to support tablet builders looking to run with its Atom E series of processors.

According to SlashGear it would better enable Intel to compete against the likes of…

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