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KitKat take up jumps 30% – Android in July

Google has published its latest platform stats – based on active Android devices interacting with Google Play - and KitKat is the big winner.

The latest version of Android – at least, until Android “L” emerges in the autumn – sees a large monthly jump, up 31.6% on June (from a 13.6…

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Microsoft adds Motorola Solutions to its list of Android licensors

I try to keep track of the companies signing up for Android-related licensing agreements with Microsoft. Patent protection is how I think of it. Well, to the list of the likes of HTC, Nikon and Dell, we can now add Motorola Solutions.

Thank you to The Register for pointing…

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Google clarifies app policies for Google Play

Google has updated its developer policies for Google Play, with a general thrust of greater clarity on app behaviour, in terms of advertising, in-app payments and system modifications.

As well as adding an App Promotion policy, and a new provision for disclosing in-app payments behind any app feature…

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Google Chromecast dongle streams into the UK

Chromecast is Google’s HDMI and Wi-Fi dongle for displaying content from a phone, tablet or laptop to the big screen, i.e. the television in your house.

When first announced back in July 2013 it was US only, but it is now coming to the UK, (and 10…

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NFC to be victim of Great Game between Android and Apple?

Just to flag an interesting comment piece from the News section, which covers the issue of mobile payments technology and whether NFC will be pipped at the post when it comes to mass adoption – see NFC and mobile payments – always a bridesmaid never a bride

Is NFC finally going to…

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Google: Goodbye Motorola, thanks for the patents

A bit late, but I had to cover this one in the Android blog – Google selling Motorola, only a year and a half since buying it.

While the move may be explained by purely business reasons - i.e. losing money in a difficultly competitive market with ever-diminishing margins (partly…

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Google Wallet payment app bypasses NFC

I’ve been trying to keep an eye on NFC on Android – it is one of the differentiators for the platform – and here is some related news (from CNet and Verge and various places)…

The Google Wallet payment app – which currently only works within the US – used to use NFC…

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Google’s Android Open Source Project leader departs for Yahoo!

A bad sign for Android, for people who care about open source? The Register reports that Jean-Baptiste Quéru (“JBQ”), formerly head of Google’s Android Open Source Project (AOSP) has departed to Yahoo! shores.

It’s another leading Android departee from Google, after the recent exits of Android…

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