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Ubuntu Edge misses chance for Linux alternative

Just a quick flag-in-the-sand post to mark the fate of a possible Android-alternative – the Ubuntu Edge (“the next generation of personal computing: smartphone and desktop PC in one state-of-the-art device”) missed its crowdfunding target on Wednesday.

It reached a record total of pledges…

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Apple throws pie chart in face of Android

In a barely disguised dig at Google, Apple is now documenting “iOS fragmentation” in a monthly chart just like the Android counterpart. Ouch.

The pie chart shows what percentage of people are using different versions of iOS. In an exact echo of Google, the chart is available on the company…

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What to expect for Android at Google I/O? has gone bravely out on a limb and told us all what to expect at Google I/O. What we can look forward to, they say, is a new minor Android version, a new gaming centre called Google Play Games for Android, a “heavy dose of real apps…

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