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KitKat take up jumps 30% – Android in July

Google has published its latest platform stats – based on active Android devices interacting with Google Play – and KitKat is the big winner.

The latest version of Android – at least, until Android “L” emerges in the autumn – sees a large monthly jump, up 31.6% on June (from a 13.6…

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KitKat Android? Give me a break!

Android versions get registered trademarks…

Whoah! Who saw that coming? Bizarrely, Google is now using Android code names in commercial deals. With a succession of candy/desert based codenames identifying versions of Android, poor old “Key Lime Pie” will now never see the light of day. The successor to Jelly…

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Intel releases 10-inch and 7-inch Android tablet designs to manufacturers

We’re keeping an eye on Intel Android developments, and is reporting that Intel’s 7-in and 10-in Android tablet designs are now available to manufacturers.

Agam Shah writes:
The chipmaker’s 10-inch Education Tablet runs Android 4.0, code-named Ice Cream Sandwich, while…

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Jelly Bean III, the codename that wouldn’t surrender

The much-anticipated release of Android 4.3 has been announced. And, as we suggested could be the case, it is being labelled as another Jelly Bean, as opposed to Key Lime Pie. We are up to Jelly Bean III, now, following Android 4.1 and 4.2…

Anyhoo, headline…

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Android 4.3 update anticipated for Wednesday

Google is hosting a media event on 24 July, which has caused a ripple across the techoverse. It is widely expected that it will showcase a major update to Android, version 4.3 specifically.

This is anticipated to be delineated at “Key Lime Pie” but who’s to say it…

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Intel Beacon Mountain supports Android development

Thanks to The Register for flagging an interesting looking Android development from Intel. The chip giant has announced Beacon Mountain, a development environment for Android,

For both ARM and Intel’s own Atom processor-based devices, the suite supports Android v4.1 and 4.2 (supporting API levels 17+), and…

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BeagleBone Black talks Android

Texas Instruments has announced a new version of its Sitara-based BeagleBoard development system – the BeagleBone Black.

It runs on TI’s Sitara AM335x chip and the mini computer includes 2Gbyte of on-board storage. What makes it of interest for Eyes on Android is that it can run Android…

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